The Journey Begins

Hi! Thanks for joining me! First things first…this is my first attempt at a blog so please be patient throughout the learning process. Now that’s taken care of we can get to the beginning of this journey.

The journey begins with the fact that there are many types of abuse. Some scars you can see with your eyes and some scars you have to look much deeper to see. The scars you can see usually heal much quicker than the invisible ones and much easier. Some of the things I will tell you happened years ago and I will also allow you to peek into our daily lives now.

My goal? It’s simple, my goal in this blog is for my family’s experiences to help and uplift even one person. If this blog can help one person see that there is a way to healing and freedom I have met my goal and my prayer. My children and I have lived through abuse, losing my husband to Chrome’s  disease, losing basically everything we had and now we are on the other side of all of that and we are stronger now than we were when we started.

It hasn’t been easy and it’s still not. I’m not usually a very “open” person when it comes to many things but I have vowed that if it takes me opening up my life to you to help you see there can be healing and freedom that is what I am willing to do. I’m willing to do whatever it takes just to see one person free. You can email me at any time. I will respond as quickly as possible.


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton